The RCI Technologies patented fuel purifier is a one-step unit that removes up to 99.8% of free water and up to 95% of other heavy contaminants that are found in diesel fuel. Even today’s “clean” diesel fuel will easily become contaminated during transportation and storage. Unlike many other products on the market, the RCI Technologies fuel purifier performs this function without the use of a replaceable, changeable, or cleanable filter element or cartridge. By removing contamination immediately before the fuel enters the engine’s filter system, you can keep your fuel clean, preserve fuel quality, and extend the life of your equipment.
The FP 3000 is designed for larger diesel fuel pumping and re- fueling stations, fuel transfer docks, and extra heavy-duty mobile, stationary and marine applications. Holds approximately 4 gallons of water and contaminates, takes approximately 40 sec. to drain completely.